מגוון ספרי צפרות וטבע

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Birds in the Holy Land / Thomas Krumenacker

”Birds in the Holy Land“- a fascinating coffee-table book celebrating Israel’s nature A Japanese princess has called the book “a gift to the world,” adding that each country should have a book like this to celebrate its birds and nature. But when the princess is the Honorary President of BirdLife International, the world’s largest nature conservation partnership, that recommendation takes on a whole new meaning. Princess Takamado of Japan has lauded “Birds in the Holy Land” by Berlin-based journalist and nature photographer Thomas Krumenacker as homage to the diversity of birds, nature in Israel and bird migration in general. see prices with shipment options down below
₪ 106.13 incl tax

Bringing the Dead Sea to Life

Bringing the Dead Sea to Life - Art and Nature on the Lowest Place on Earth
₪ 371.45 incl tax