Champions of the Flyway

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Champions of the Flyway 2024

Join us for the world's friendliest, most exciting bird race in Eilat, Israel - an internationally famous migration bottleneck. We will be racing to stop illegal hunting of birds - and this year's project will focus on the White Stork in Tanzania. Cost of Participation is $200 a person.  This covers team registration, opening dinner and closing brunch. Teams can choose to participate in 1 of 4 route options:  1 ) Green Champions - race on foot, bike or other non-motorised methods. 2) Sanctuary Champions - race only at the IBRCE (International Bird Research Center Eilat) and adjacent salt ponds. 3) Big field Champions - the traditional race by car, but on our new, smaller "playing field". 4) Digiscoping Champions - only birds that you photograph by digiscoping count in your totals - within the playing field. For more informaiton on hotel options, fundraising, etc,  contact Alen at
$55.10 incl tax