Eilat Birds Festival 2020 - Birding Only

The Eilat Birds festival is back and we are pleased to once again offer the best value package for birding Israel. The Festival will take place on March 22-29 2020 and is hosted by the Israel Ornithological Center. The festival week coincides with the peak of the spectacular spring migration in Eilat and southern Israel and promises a huge variety of birds, amazing migration spectacles, rarities and fantastic wildlife. The Eilat Birds festival is based at the Agamim Hotel in Eilat offering great rooms, great food and a beautiful swimming pool for those wishing to relax between birding excursions.
$495.00 incl tax

The Eilat Birds Festival is hosted by the Israel Ornithological Center and is designed for birders from all over the world for an unforgettable week of birds, migration and nature during the peak of spring migration. 

The Eilat festival week always produces fantastic birding experiences. From the incredible raptor migration in the Eilat mountains to a great show of local specialties as well as some good quality rarities that show up during the week. Following the winter the desert plains hold good numbers of Larks, Sandgrouse and Wheatears and the blooming Wadis provide resources for a large range of migrant songbirds.

The festival is the best value package for birding southern Israel. The program includes all the birding hot-spots and quality species southern Israel has to offer including Eilat, the Arava Valley, the Dead Sea and Judean desert, the Negev wilderness and a special night trip for the enigmatic Desert (Tawny) Owl and Nubian Nightjar. Small groups, the best guides in the business, ample photo opps and more!

Join us for a birding holiday of a lifetime, and do your part for bird conservation as well!


more details here: https://www.birds.org.il/en/event-page.aspx?eventId=73



IOC Bird festivals cancellation policy
Thank you for choosing our festivals, we are sure you will have a birding holiday you will
never forget!
In order to book your trip you are required to fill out an official Booking form or book
directly online. After completing the booking you will receive an official confirmation of your
Full payment for the festival will be charged upon booking.
In the event of a cancellation our policy is as follows:
- Cancellation up to 3 months before the event will draw no charges.
- Cancellation between 3 and 2 months before the event will charge a %30 of the full
package price, per person.
- Cancellation between 2 month and 1 month before the event will draw a %50
cancellation charge.
- In the event of a last minute cancellation (1 month or less before the event) you will
be charged the full price for the package booked.
- If you are cancelling because of a medical condition please make sure to provide the
necessary paperwork with your cancellation and we will assess the situation before
charging penalties.
Thank you for your understanding and looking forward to birding with you!
The IOC team

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